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Royal Hypnotherapy ™ at the Naturology Centre | Accepting New Clients

How can we help you to improve your quality of life? Royal Hypnotherapy ™ in Moncton and virtually is all about creating balance and harmony at the subconscious level, so what you want to achieve in life happens more naturally. Our beneficial clinical hypnotherapy/naturopath sessions are very relaxing and customized to meet your needs and desired outcome(s).…
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Biofeedback Monitor (GSR Meter) and Hypnosis

The Theory Behind It A #GSR Meter (pictured, right) measures a client's Galvanic Skin Response (also known as Electrodermal Response or EDR). To measure this, a tiny electrical current (unnoticeable to the client) is passed through the skin from one finger electrode to the other. This is simply the electrical conductivity of the skin. The…
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