Biofeedback Monitor (GSR Meter) and Hypnosis

The Theory Behind It

A (pictured, right) measures a client's Galvanic Skin Response (also known as Electrodermal Response or EDR). To measure this, a tiny electrical current (unnoticeable to the client) is passed through the skin from one finger electrode to the other. This is simply the electrical conductivity of the skin.

The skin's electrical conductivity is affected by changes in the salt and water in the sweat gland ducts. These changes occur almost instantaneously in response to certain emotional reactions, the fight or flight response (electrical conductivity increases), and when relaxed (electrical conductivity decreases). Thus the GSR Meter can measure and display a client's general relaxation and immediate emotional reactions. The change indicates the depth of relaxation or intensity of the emotional response in reading on the digital display.

: When you have your client comfortably settled, attach the GSR Meter electrodes to their fingers. Take a note of the display reading as you begin your induction. Normally as your clientbiofeedback monitor (GSR Meter) enters hypnosis, the reading will fall and continue to fall as they become more relaxed. Occasionally a client's reading will rise even though they have entered trance - this tends to indicate subconscious . It is recommended to continue deepening suggestions until the reading stops falling or at least slows right down.

Analysis: As your client begins to talk during analysis (e.g. free association, regression to cause, etc.), the reading will tend to rise somewhat as their trance lightens. This is normal, but when they enter a 'no go' area (anxious thoughts, etc.), the reading will increase significantly, often very quickly, even though they may appear visibly relaxed. This is the time when you may decide to probe gently. Reduced reactions in particular areas from session to session will give you good feedback on your client's improvements.

Suggestion: With the GSR Meter, you can monitor your client's emotional reactions to your suggestions during hypnosis and thereby pace your suggestions. You can also get a good indication of the progress made by observing their response to a fear or phobia before and after hypnosis.

Ultimately as you use the GSR Meter, you will gain specific experience relevant to your particular therapy methods, and most likely, you will find it an invaluable tool.

If you would like to feel reassured that your client is in an altered state before commencing analysis or suggestion therapy, then we believe that the GSR Meter is invaluable for effective client treatment.

Information courtesy of Psychometric Research

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