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Health Issues Moncton, NB and Virtual SessionsClinical Hypnotherapy is a complementary natural medicine approach for numerous health issues, and it's noninvasive and safe.

Stopping Smoking

65% to 70% of smokers who are treated with clinical hypnosis stopped effectively, according to studies. Also, as high as 95% of participants surveyed report being satisfied with their overall experience. That's much better than the quit rate from quitting cold turkey, which is about 20% or using stop-smoking drugs consisting of nicotine therapy (35% to 40%).

Weight Loss / Obesity

Hypnotherapy can be a beneficial tool, especially when focusing on exactly what you want to achieve. In this case, your objective of becoming a thinner person increased motivation and ultimately losing weight. Hypnosis can aid in harnessing the power of your creative imagination to see yourself doing exactly what you need to do to attain your weight loss goals. This also includes altering your eating and exercise habits, as well as your overall self-image.

One study showed that hypnotherapy for motivation produced an average 17-pound weight reduction compared to 1/2 a pound of weight loss in the control group after 6 months.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is typically a debilitating problem that creates cramps and intermittent episodes of pain/discomfort, looseness of the bowels, and irregularity. Drugs to treat it aren't always effective for everyone.

Several well-designed research studies of hypnotherapy for IBS have revealed that IBS clients treated with hypnotherapy had "significant, long-term enhancement" of intestinal signs, along with less stress, anxiety and depression. Hypnosis may modify just how the main nerve system reacts to digestive tract signals. It also draws away from the individuals' attention from their intestinal sensations and causes them to perceive less pain.

Chronic Fatigue / Persistent Exhaustion

A six-month research study revealed that 73% of individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome reported enhanced energy, even more, relaxing duration of rest and far better focus at the workplace. This is much better than the national standard of 23% of individuals who improve with various other types of therapy.

Pain or Discomfort Relief

Hypnotherapy does not necessarily decrease pain/discomfort, but it does change how people respond to it. Researches have actually revealed that hypnotized patients have a higher pain threshold. They additionally have much less stress and anxiety, which reduces pain sensitivity.

Fact: In some studies, subjects have shown a decline in pain and anxiety, and their demand for powerful medicines was decreased by half.

Better Cancer Care

The radiation treatment that's used to deal with some cancers typically causes exhaustion as a negative effect. Scientists have found that people living with cancer who underwent hypnosis with a common kind of cognitive-behavioural therapy counselling experienced less exhaustion than participants in a control group.

The research study, published in the Journal of Professional Oncology, revealed that after 6 months, the average individual treated with hypnosis had much less exhaustion than 95% of those participants who were not hypnotized.

Less Surgical Pain / Discomfort

An additional study of cancer patients discovered that those who had a single, 15-minute hypnotherapy session before their surgery called for less sedation and experienced less nausea or vomiting, pain, discomfort and exhaustion than those in a non-hypnosis group.

Researchers assessed 20 studies on hypnotherapy and surgical procedures and discovered that in 89% of cases, hypnotized medical patients had much less discomfort, utilized much less pain medicine, and recouped quicker.

Many other health issues can benefit from our holistic complementary natural medicine approach towards achieving wellness.

Royal Hypnotherapy - Moncton, NB or Virtual Sessions

Royal Hypnotherapy - Moncton, NB or Virtual Sessions

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