Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Benefits Professional Athletes


Those athletes who still have the mistaken idea that is just for entertainment may be missing out on the biggest opportunity to make a significant improvement in their performance. In fact, hypnosis/hypnotherapy can benefit professional athletes. The typical procedure is to offer suggestions to the person while they are in a deeply relaxed state. A hypnotherapist may perform this, or the individual may do it with self-hypnosis after receiving training.

Unlike entertainment hypnosis, commonly referred to as “stage hypnosis,” is a proven form of therapy that has benefited some of the top names in sports, including Mike Tyson and Tiger Woods. Not only can it improve your performance, but it can also even help you control symptoms of physical conditions that might interfere.

Understanding What Hypnosis is Not

Hypnosis doesn't control your mind to make you do or achieve things you don’t want to. If you have the attitude that you will be put into a trance and then do everything you are instructed to do, you are way off the mark. It is important to understand the difference between the stage hypnosis used to entertain others and the real hypnosis with a scientific basis. Hypnosis has been used for many decades as a reliable method of behavioural therapy!

Applying the Technique to Sports

Most athletes go through dry periods where they can’t perform up to their standards. This can be detrimental to the professional athlete’s career. Worry over the results tends to add to the problem so that they end up in a negative cycle of cause-and-effect that they often can’t break free from.

Hypnosis helps by putting the individual in heightened awareness to focus on one key area. It allows you to direct specific thoughts to the unconscious mind, which will then be exhibited in the consciousness of daily life. It helps to remove those thoughts and beliefs you have in your unconscious mind that are causing you to respond to negative behaviours.

Precision is an important feature of most athletes’ performances, although the skill level will vary from sport to sport. Even though a professional athlete has successfully performed the same move on many occasions, he can quickly become focused on failing. will help him eliminate the thoughts and ideas that cause him to repeat the unwanted behaviour and replace it with the positive, desired behaviour.

Sports Hypnosis Causes Beneficial Tunnel Vision

If you have ever been accused of having tunnel vision, it probably wasn’t in a complimentary way. However, that is exactly what you want to develop during sports hypnosis. If you are a basketball player who finds yourself suddenly unable to make a successful shot, tunnel vision will allow you to stop thinking you will miss every time you are prepared to take the shot and start focusing on the outcome you wish to achieve.

Sports hypnosis can help professional athletes in all types of sports, and many have had such good results that they regularly employ to keep them on target and focused!

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